Secret Technical Sales Strategy to Boost Performance in 2024

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Ready to discover a technical sales strategy that will boost your leads, sales, and profits and “wow!” your team in 2024?

Let’s break down the tips and tricks you can use to build a winning strategy for the new year, starting right now!

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Secret Technical Sales Strategy #1: Audit Your Team

The end of the year is always a great time to reflect on what blew up, what bombed out, and what you need to tweak in your technical sales strategy to accelerate your results for the new year.

The first thing you need to do is audit your team.

Questions You Should Answer:

  • Do you have a built-out team?
  • Do you need to add new players or cut current technical sales team members to win?
  • Do I want to keep working in the same market or pursue new markets / territories?
  • Do I need to move team members around to different territories or provide more training and tools to help them be successful?

If you’re a team of one – meaning YOU – then these are all questions you should ask of yourself.

If you lead a bigger team, see yourself as the head coach. You should know who the power players in your team are and the weak links. With how things stand right now, ask yourself; how will the team perform next year? Take a hard look at where gaps are present and what sort of changes you can implement to bridge those gaps and be ready to hit the ground running in 2024.

Secret Technical Sales Strategy #2: Tools for Success

Sometimes it’s not the team itself but the resources they lack holding them back. For instance, don’t just make phone calls on the fly. Instead, use a tool like Aircall, that can be integrated with your CRM to make prospecting calls and track your lead and prospecting work.

You should also consider using a CRM, such as HubSpot, to create automated follow-up and nurture campaigns for your leads and prospects. When they click on emails you send, you know that they are more engaged than other leads, so you can then target these engaged leads with a direct email to schedule a discovery call.

Do whatever you can to make your sales team’s job far more accessible and efficient without extra steps added. Stray away from using complicated systems; a rule of thumb is to look at whatever system allows your team to make the most calls per hour. Keep track of clean data in the CRM to hold your team accountable and see what is and isn’t working. Help your team hit their goals!

One thing that’s clear to anyone who’s been in technical sales for more than a few months; technical sales engineers hate tracking things. Many feel like if they’ve done the work of calling leads and conducting prospecting meetings, they should not have to track leads in a CRM and log a lot of information.

Still, it is important to do. Lead and prospect data that is kept in your CRM must be accurate and real-time at all times. If the data is bad, your sales efforts will suffer. For instance, if the data you have on a 200 person lead list is four years old, the marketing team cannot send targeted and relevant email campaigns. So, keep yourself and your team accountable to doing this work.

Secret Technical Sales Strategy #3: Sales as a Service (SaaS) Program

You could be doing all you can; maybe you’re overwhelmed. In that case, call in the cavalry to boost your sales with MFG Tribe’s Sales-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering to bring deals to your industrial company.

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No matter where your company is in size and growth, a package is available for you.

STARTER PACKAGE – If you have an existing sales team but want to integrate your CRM systems and set higher expectations for your team, this is the package. We’ll help establish a level of lead generation activity that is right for you to handle, help train you in using the CRM, learn to manage your team, and give you accountability.

ACCELERATOR PACKAGE – The next step is where we at MFG Tribe start doing more work for you. It’s the best way to go if you want to impact a new territory or line of business. Through sales-as-a-service, our team at MFG Tribe does the heavy lifting to find, and prep leads for you and then pass them on to your sales team to convert them, helping you focus solely on winning customers.

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  • Holding Demos
  • Completting RFOs
  • And More!

Best of all, we will close the deals on these prospects for you, streamlining the process of generating new business for you. This program allows you to focus on what you do best. Operate your business and serve your growing cadre of clients!

One of the easiest ways to reach any goal is to hire experts to do things for you in the given field of your goal. We all know this to be true. Well, it’s no different when it comes to optimizing your technical sales strategy for 2024. Dramatically accelerate your lead and sales results in 2024 by hiring the sales and marketing work to experts.

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